2015 Jahresrückblick ADAC

Jahresrueckblick ADAC

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  1. Disney says:

    A wonderful job. Super helpful inaonmftior.

  2. This isn’t just at universities, of course. I’ve seen it in the military and in the corporate world. Suicide seems a bit extreme, but I’ve seen careers top out over a poor choice of words.

  3. did you come to visit and enjoy what’s on offer or did you come to get involved in local politics. If you are really a touris then the local politics is none of your damn business

  4. disse:Sophia, você está certa quando diz que consumir alimentos de origem animal orgânicos e com moderação é a chave pra quem quer ser responsável com a saúde e com o planeta (embora o conceito de moderação seja relativo aqui). Mas como Luciana disse mais acima, a única razão pra dar o último passo e eliminar de vez os animais do cardápio é a questão ética e isso é algo extremamente pessoal.

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    mr. little, I’m not married yet, but you can pass the butchers knives set your hairy Arab mother and sisters have been using for years to shave, and I’ll make sure to send your wife/girlfriend/lover a year supply of five blades razors with a pre-set timer for him/her to shave every day so their hair wouldn’t get scratchy unless you like it this way ;0)

  7. Grade A stuff. I’m unquestionably in your debt.

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    This info is the cat’s pajamas!

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