Training Kreuzgrund

Mein Leihauto seit einer Woche :( Fehlkonstruktion, mehr brauch man net zu sagen.

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  1. Fupfup says:

    Dazu fällt mir nur eins ein.

    “Somebody bought one!!!

    Somebody went into a shop and said: “I like a small car, but can you make it really, really heavy with really complicated doors and I like to pay money for that.”
    “I want to go from nord to sixty in eighteen seconds.”
    That’s how slow it is!”

    (Zitat: TopGear Folge 5 9. Staffel.)


  2. Debrah says:

    You mean I don’t have to pay for expert advice like this anemory?!

  3. Très intéressant cette interview. J’ai bien aimé le principe « investissez dans les villes que vous connaissez ». C’est assez logique mais un rappel ne coûte rien.Ben ya plus qu’à gagner 100 000€ pour appliquer tous ces conseils :p

  4. IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of things like that?

  5. … vendo o que aconteceu no Japao, meus pes sentiram-se tremulos em solidariedade. Passado o ‘susto’, comecamos a perceber o tamanho da tragedia, aos poucos. Nao queria ouvir sobre a ‘contagem dos corpos encontrados’, por justica ao povo japones, nao deveria haver nenhum desaparecido. “Hiro”, o amigo, vai estar sempre muito presente Tas.Um Beijo e um Abraco forte.Julia

  6. Intéressant commentaire Céline, une autre suggestion ou autre de jeu de mot à nous faire partager?Quel est l’intérêt d’une telle remarque? Une légère frustration peut être?

  7. norrin_shadowwolfSo my parents recently visited yosemite and brought me back a hematite necklace. I’m wondering whether it would rust when covered to water however. i just read other hematite questions saying that it’ll eventually rust regardless. is that this true?  

  8. http://www./ says:

    Alessandro Milano · martedì, 13 novembre 2012, 4:34 pmRossana non bendarti gli occhi: Le piramidi formati dai teschi in Cambogia da quel ragazzone di Pol POT, la schiavitù su cui si regge l’economia cinese, la povertà a cui sono costretti i venezuelani malgrado siano i secodi produttori di un magnifico greggio, per tacere di Fidel, e deli disastri sociali fatti nella ex URSS e del patto di Varsavia ed Albania.

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  10. it’s my regular guy, he will have already had lunch. His sister lives in the neighborhood and he always stops in and has lunch with her. That is why my mail delivery is so late in the day! When the mail is here before 4 or 5 I know it is his day off.

  11. jajaja!! me matò Gianna con “anquirir”, que lexico que tiene, che!!!No se si hablarà el doble Nanu que Gia, pero seguramente van a ser dos loras! te debes morir de risa escuchandolas!!!Besos

  12. Hi Fred,I can’t locate the letter online from Eugene Bozza, but since I have read your columns in the Daily Record for several years, all I can say is that Ms Bozza must not read your words often. If there was anyone who championed the issues of open government and reducing wasteful spending in NJ… that person is you!PS – I support Steve Lonegan for Governor… I think we need some radical change in NJ. Agree or disagree, I think Christie and Corzine will just be more of the same…

  13. I just put out version 1.3.6 It should run flawlessly on non secure boot UEFI platforms. I’ve tested it on a tianocore ovmf image with secure boot removed, but if you could try it out on real hardware, I’d be grateful

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