Verlorene Einträge

Für alle die meine alten Posts suchen: Die liegen sicher auf einer Ghost Sicherung, nur ich bin zu faul sie wieder herzustellen.
Trotzdem gehts hier jetzt weiter…

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  1. Wanita says:

    IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of thgnis like that?

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  3. Flavie m’a servi de guide pendant plusieurs jours à Rome, j’ai notamment visté avec elle le Forum, le Colisée et le circus Maximus. Flavie vous transmet son passion de l’histoire, sait aller à l’essentiel, sans oublier de vous faire partager quelques anecdotes qui rendent ces visites très vivantes !

  4. The bike riders, who want to confiscate land they do not own and pave it over to suit their purposes, claim those who ride in cars feel entitled. That’s rich. If bike riders want to use the roads, then they should bear the same obligations to obey the rules of the road, and pay for the roads. I can’t wait until some government nitwit starts adding more safety devices to bikes; doubling their cost and adding 50% to their weight.

  5. Wow Elizabeth! Thanks for the links – there’s so many things there I want to try! And I didn’t know these are also called Nashi pears. Love the puree idea too! Thank you!

  6. http://www./ says:

    That’s a subtle way of thinking about it.

  7. http://www./ says:

    I have never seriously considered implants. I wear a small D, so I have a large bust compared to other girls especially considering I have a very small body. My boyfriend loves my boobs but sometimes I wish they were a tad bigger. But no way am I going to risk my safety to look good. I look fine the way I am. And If Taylor wanted bigger boobs who can blame her? If it helps your self confidence, go for it!

  8. I see that you’re rocking out the responsive feature now. I still wanted add a reply for others that see this.Everything is “go” for Builder and the responsive feature. Simply grab the latest Builder and one of the responsive-ready child themes (currently the Foundation series and Default), and start building.

  9. nice! jeg plejer ellers at sige: et sekunds smerte – et hel livs glæde, nÃ¥r jeg skal have lavet en piercing! ps.. jeg kan stadig ikke komme mig over den super lækre frosne yoghurt is – sÃ¥ jeg har købt ind til at jeg i aften selv skal prøve at lave det!!! uhhhyg dig

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